1. Visa Form (only type three sets)
  2. Three Photographs (white background)
  3. Valid Passport (at least six months)
  4. Reference letter from present employer / office mentioning your job, duration of service and salary / income. In case of business visa, please attach your business profile / documents.
  5. Photocopy of passport on A4 size paper please do not cut down to any size (first four pages & pages of endorsed visas of other countries specially Europe).
  6. Personal bank statement for last three months + bank certificate
  7. Confirmed return air ticket
  8. Hotel reservation
  9. If you have an invitation letter from any company please note it should be attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Morocco and if you have invitation letter from any person (Moroccan) please note it should also be attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Morocco and copies of NIC & passport of a person who invite should be attached with the invitation letter.
  10. A copy of the national identity card on A4 size paper please paper does not cut down to any size.
  11. Chamber of commerce certificate and NTN certificate copy.
  12. Application should be submitted at least three weeks (21 Days) prior to the date of travel.
  13. Please arrange all required documents three sets first one original and two all documents copy.
  14. Please DO NOT staple any documents as for security reason not mettle allowed.
  15. Please make D.D. as name of “MOROCCO EMBASSY ISLAMABAD”.

SUBMISSION DAYS: Monday to Friday (10:00AM to 01:00PM) PROCESSING TIME: 03 WEEKS


Incomplete application documents will not be processed.

  • Documents, once submitted, shall not be returned back to the applicant except for the originals.

The Embassy reserves the right to reject any visa request without justification.·