Ø Minimum 15 days require for the processing of visa.

Ø  Visa application should be applied minimum two weeks before the flight

.Ø  Personal appearance is must.

Ø  The travel agent should submit the visa application with their undertaking letter

  1. Original national passport with validity should not less than 18 months for tourist visa and 18 months for business visa from the date of entry & previous passport must be attached (if any).

2 visa application forms completely filled along with two latest color photographs.

  1. Copy of pages 1-3 national passport, along with the copy of previous Indonesia visa (if any).
  2. Copy of valid / latest national identity card (NIC).
  3. Copy of confirmed return / onward ticket (attested by the airline / ticketing agent).
  4. Copy of confirm hotel reservation (issued by the concerned hotel).
  5. Bank statement for the last 6 months with the minimum balance equal to US$ 10,000 for business and US$ 2,000 for other purpose.
  6. National Tax Number Certificate (NTC).
  7. Business registration certificate copy / Recommendation letter from the chamber of commerce or business association (for business only).
  8. Invitation from the sponsors / business partners in Indonesia or other proofs if any (for business and social visa).
  9. Authorization letter with NIC copy of the authorized person or agent.
  10. Covering letter from the company / applicant mentioning the purpose of visit clearly + guarantee letter.
  11. Visa form must be sign by the applicant.



Incomplete documents (1-12) will not be entertained

.Ø  Additional requirements needed or interview may be conducted if it is necessary.

Ø  Submission of documents does not guarantee issuance of visa, as consulate general reserved

Ø the right to reject any visa application without mentioning any reason.