1. One fully correctly & clearly complete visa application.
  2. A passport valid until at least six months + photocopies of first two pages.
  3. Two passport size photographs.
  4. A confirmed air ticket.
  5. An invitation from the inviting Egyptian company should fax directly to ‘The Consul General Egyptian Islamabad’ mentioning the duration of period of your intended stay. (for business visa)
  6. Bank statement last six months.
  7. Hotel reservation and fax intimation to the embassy.

(Attention: Consulate section fax: 051-2279552) by the hotel concerned confirming your stay in Egypt.

Attention Visa Applicants

Applications and required documents should be submitted at least two weeks beforeØ the intended departure date.

Applicants are requested to appear in person to submit the application.

Ø Passports may be collected by a third person.

Ø The embassy may request additional information and/or documents at any time.

Ø  All fax messages/letters pertaining to visa matters should be addressed to ‘THEØ CONSULAR SECTION’ Fax no. 051-2279552.

Applicants must specify immediate contact number or mobile number in case anØ interview is required or an additional document is needed.

The Consular section takes no responsibility if a passport/document is not collected, within two weeks time after the issuance of visa receipt.

Supply the documents does not automatically guarantee that the visa will be granted.Ø