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Terms And Conditions


Over 20,000 customers from Pakistan have chosen the services of Universal Express for a period spanning over two decades. It is a great honor and privilege to help, guide and serve our guests and aid them on a journey to the House of Allah SWT so they can perform the sacred rites of Hajj.

Our immense e­orts of customization backed by experience and our paramount dedication to customer satisfaction makes us a unique and prosperous agency.Even after 25 years of service, our mission remains the same – to earn the pleasure of Allah SWT by assisting the guests of the House of Allah in fulfilling their religious obligations. We have designed a series of exclusive packages with great care and diligence to ensure ease in every step in your journey for the Hajj in 2019. Book with confidence with Pakistan’s best Hajj company. We take around 35 dedicated & experienced sta­ as well as employ 90 members in Saudi Arabia to ensure efficiency.

Exclusive VIP camps in Mina & Arafat, with the closest access to the Jamarat 98% of our pilgrims would recommend our services based on post-Hajj surveys.Our packages are non-shifting & shifting with Five-star Hotels in Makkah and Medina. Access to apartments in the best locations in Azizia, for greater comfort during Hajj.


Please ensure that every point mentioned is noted with due diligence to ensure smooth proccessing.

  • All package rates are fixed and non- negotiable.
  • 50% of the cost per person is needed for booking & balance by 30th April 2019.
  • All payments must be made in PKR in favor of Universal Express Pvt. Ltd.

According to recent regulations announced by the Saudi Govt., additional SAR 2,000/- will be payable by those pilgrims who have already performed Hajj in the last three years. Moreover, biometric process must be completed by the Hajj applicant from the designated Etihad office in Pakistan.


Ihram for male pilgrims | Drawstring shoe bags | Big Chadars for female pilgrims | Drawstring stone bags for Rami One pouch bag for each pilgrim family | Backpack for your convenience | One Trolly Bag for each pilgrim | Backpack use during Manasik e Hajj Prayer Mats during travel | Unscented Soap, Sanitizer & Tawaf Tazbee

Package Details

Hajj orientation class will be held at a hotel in Karachi, conducted by renowned religious scholars.
Assistance at Karachi airport (transfer & porter) and at Jeddah/Medina airport.
Refreshments upon arrival at Jeddah Hajj terminal.
Pilgrims will receive the guidance of religious scholars throughout the pilgrimage.
Accommodation in Makkah & Medina is half board hotel meal. (breakfast & dinner).
Private VIP buses with built-in washroom during the round trip between Makkah to Medina during Hajj days.
Economy class air ticket of any direct or indirect airline is included.
Congregational prayers & lectures will be held by qualified Imams.
Dedicated and experienced group leaders will provide administrative and logistical assistance.
Dedicated agent from our office will be assigned to you throughout the booking process until your departure.
Dedicated attendants in Mina/Arafat washroom to keep it clean with ample supply of toiletries.
Easy and hassle-free Universal Express Luggage management between Jeddah, Makkah, Medina and Azizia.
Full board meal & shuttle service to Haram will be provided during the stay in Azizia.
Qurbani can be arranged with an incurred cost of SAR 500/- Ziarat in Medina with a professional guide.


8 PHOTOGRAPHS - 4 x 3 inches (On a light blue background - ladies with hijaab)
Machine readable passport copy
CNIC copy
Next of kin CNIC copy, contact details and blood group
B -Form for children (if applicable)


  • Package Prices are in Saudi Riyal (SAR), on per person and sharing basis only - one night in Medina or Makkah may be reduced as per final itinerary.
  • All itineraries are tentative, private bathrooms & proper beds are subject to approvals. Package dates are subject to availability of seats from airline.
  • Azizia building accommodation is on 5-6-person gender sharing basis.
  • No Shuttle Service will be provided after 6th Zil Hijja due to heavy traffic congestion.
  • Supplement for Azizia Separate room DBL SAR 3,500/- per person, TRP SAR 2,500/-per person and for Quad SAR 1,500/- per person (subject to availability)
  • • Rooms once booked, cannot be cancelled. They can only be transferred to another customer (if possible) at a price acceptable to the new buyer.
  • Any difference will be the original customer's risk, in that case a service fee of SAR 5,000/- per person will be charged till April 2019.
  • The rate of exchange as on the date of payment will be applicable. If rate of exchange increases between time of deposit payment and the time of finalpayment new rate of exchange will be applicable on the remaining amount.
  • Issuance of Hajj visa is dependent on the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Saudi Consulate; the company is not responsible for any delays / non-issuance of Hajj visa.

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