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About Us

The Fazale Rabbi Groups is a large consortium of campnies that provide comprhensive Travel,Aviation,Transportation as well as Real Estate Service.The group was established in 1997 with intensive passion and a dream to provide authentic and unforgettable travel experience and it's unprecedented growth with in a short span of time has allowed it to become a multi-indutry corporation with 14 different campanies under it's name .Each Holding a special significance all the campanies under the FRG umbrella have confoimes thier commitment to integrating experience and experties to bring great industry-focused solutions.and have paved thier way to hold a unique position in the local and international marketplace. it is perhaps the entrepreneurial heritage,extensive passion and unparalleled expertise that have steered it towards immense success and a great reputation.

Today the FRG operates in Pakistan & Middle East, and Comprises of ouver 1,200+ employees and professionals spread througout. with a consistent record of overall excellence in every aspect,FRG has been recognized nationaly and internationally,and has received numerous awards for its contribution.

Message From The CEO

When I Look back to when we first started, I am extremely proud and impressed by all that FRG has achieved and where we stand today.Over the years, we have witnessed a remarkable transition and unprecendented growth that has led FRG to become a nationwide leader with a worthy reputation in the industry.Our goals to deliver overall satisfaction to our corporation and is continuously attracting reliable partners and devoted clients.

Amongst our most important assets is the extensive knowledge bas, deep-rooted professionalism and our unwavering commitment displayed by our talented staff who bring exceptional value to the campany.

Looking toward the future and plans for growth,we keep in mind what first inpired this campany to succeed- a passion for excellence , and superior quality workmanship.That passion remain life-long for our corporation and we look forward to pursuing new opportunities, improving upon the past and translating into tremendous success


FRG's objective is to become a worldwide leader in the travel and aviation business services.


FRG aims to deliver overall satisfaction to its travellers and clients by fulfilling thier requirement and needs with the highest level of quality,customer care and values








Best Performing Group Companies


Top seller of all airlines by far and Emirates 5th largest seller globally

"Pakistan's only GSA for all 8 online international stations/airpots."

"Pakistan's largest premium Hajj operator"

"Exclusive UAE visa Distributors for Emirates Airline through eDNRD portal."


Fazale Rabbi's Market share for bsp


Fazle Rabbi 14%

1500+ Agencies 14%


Fazle Rabbi 14%

1500+ Agencies 14%

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